Gunnar Olsen: EP & Track covers
Gunnar's EP cover designs illustrate digital structures meeting organic form, themes that are explored in his music. We had an inspired collaborative process and Gunnar took a bold leap in moving forward with this hand-drawn style.
Art Director/Designer/Illustrator: Isaiah King
The Culver Studios
Top: Partnership Ad Series, 2013
The cowboy team above was one of two print ads promoting the The Culver Studio’s Pilot Incentive Program. The goal was to communicate the idea of partnership and financial incentive.
We wanted to express the history of the studio while also asserting its current relevance. The style of the ads also relates to the affordability theme of the brief – they depict two genres historically known for producing classics on a shoestring budget – westerns and science fiction. The ads appeared in The Hollywood Reporter in the fall of 2013.
Communications Strategist: Larianna Evania
Art Director/Designer: Isaiah King
Illustrator: Janee Meadows
Bottom: Historic Posters, 2013
Carrie and King Kong are two in a series of seven on-site posters celebrating The Culver Studios’ rich film history. Each poster aims to portray these well known productions in a unique way by isolating iconic images from each film or TV show. The background is a pattern based on the wallpaper in The Culver Studios' historic mansion building and incorporates branded elements from their logo.
Communications Strategist: Larianna Evania
Art Director/Designer/Illustrator: Isaiah King
Wallpaper Designer/Illustrator: Anna Francescutti
New Media Advocacy Project: 2013 Annual Report
New Media Advocacy Project fuses new media campaign savvy with targeted legal expertise in the global human right arena. The organization has grown rapidly since its inception in 2009. In 2014 they published their first annual report and we worked together to create a no-nonsense (but personal) portrait of their work and impact.
Art Director/Designer: Isaiah King
Editor/Writer: Adam Stofsky
Editor: Abby Goldberg
Mother Feather
Top: Glasslands and Radio Bushwick Gig Posters, 2014
Bottom:  Egyptology EP Single Cover, 2014
The one rule for this ongoing series is that most of the work has to be done by hand. This has pushed us to experiment with new techniques that bounce back and forth from digital to analog. We’ve used collage, drawing and built objects to create each poster or song cover. "Egyptology" (along with our design) premiered online on Conan O'Brien's Team Coco.
Art Director/Designer: Isaiah King
Photographer: David Pexton
Isaiah King Design: 2014: Now Is The Future
The theme of our multi-media 2013 client appreciation gift was the future and creative collaboration. The gift took the form of a campy sci-fi movie trailer delivered in some unique packaging. We created a package true to the retro nature of the video. After collecting a bunch of old VHS tapes we cut into the top of each, just large enough to insert our USB drives which contained the movie file of our holiday message. Each package contained a hand-written personal note on the flip side of the "Watch Me!" tags. The back of the box was left blank for hand-written addresses making it a self-mailer. Watch the sci-fi odyssey here.
Art Director/Designer/Animator/Editor: Isaiah King
Music: Dan de Graaf
Packaging Production: Ilana Kruger
Actors/Models: Larianna Evania, Christine Renee Miller, Christina Boyle, David Pexton
FilmAid International
Top: Annual Reports, 2011 & 2014
The 2010-11 and 2013 annual reports centered around personal stories from FilmAid staff and the refugee communities with whom they work. Every design and editorial decision was measured against its truthfulness to the core human stories within the piece. 
The 2010-11 report was to be the first significant print piece created in the organization’s huge brand revitalization. The project would be road testing the newly evolved logo and a new visual language. The 2013 report shows an evolution of that design foundation.
Art Director/Designer: Isaiah King
Editor-in-Chief/Writer: Martha Pichey 
Bottom: FilmAid 15th Anniversary Logo and Stationary
FilmAid celebrates its 15th year in 2014. To mark the occasion we created a variation on their existing logo that appears on all design collateral throughout the year. The stationary package was the first project to get the new mark.
Art Director/Designer: Isaiah King
CRG Partners: EBITDA+ brochure & “Too Big To Fail?” Presentation, 2011
CRG Partners works with distressed companies in need of turnaround. Needless to say business was booming during the recession. The company expanded its offerings and we worked closely with them developing materials for print (top image), online and business-to-business communications (bottom image).
Communications Strategist: Larianna Evania
Art Director/Designer: Isaiah King
Egypt Solidarity 2011
In 2011 I was one of many artists around the world compelled to create works in solidarity with the Egyptian people's peaceful push toward democracy. 
Digital Poster: I designed this poster and made it available for download so that it could be printed on four 8.5" x 11" pieces of paper.
Microsite: After sourcing a couple of on-demand printing services I created this page to act as a hub for poster and sticker downloads and to purchase (at cost) shirts and buttons.
Protest Posters: On the morning of February 4th I heard from an Egyptian friend that a rally was to take place in Manhattan. I quickly ran out to by paper and spray paint. I made as many posters as I could (about 40) and went down to the demonstration to hand them out, along with stickers printed at home. 
Designer/Illustrator: Isaiah King
Denis Cameron: Mayhem and Make Believe, 2011
Photographer Denis Cameron’s purview was both history altering world events and behind the scenes of Hollywood. This dynamic contrast in subject matter meant that his body of work is 1960s/1970s popular culture itself. Cameron passed away in 2006 leaving a breathtaking library of photographs and no single collection that housed them. This book proposal by Denis’ son is part of the process of remedying that. More on Denis Cameron here
Art Director/Designer: Isaiah King
Writer: Marc Cameron
IntraHealth International: Print Communications System, 2010
IntraHealth works in places of need all over the world. The organization required a robust and flexible design system to house their communications. The system spanned everything from humble in-office communications to field reports to public facing campaigns.
Agency: Fenton Communications
Art Director/Designer: Isaiah King
Event/Exhibit Posters: Pont-Rouge Portrait Project  & “Bold” Exhibit, 2010 & 2009
Two printed event posters for art exhibits in NYC and Boston.

Art Director/Designer/Art: Isaiah King
Additional Art: Talyn Hartunian-Credit
VICE: Art Talk! Magazine Ad & The Godmother Digital Film Poster, 2009
Left: A print magazine ad promoting VICE’s ongoing ArtTalk! video series that aligned with the release of Spike Jonze’s film adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are.
Right: A digital online poster promoting VBS.TV’s documentary on the late “Cocaine Godmother” Griselda Blanco.
Agency: VICE Inc.
Art Director: Matt Schoen
Designer: Isaiah King
Mug Shot Photographer: Unknown
The Culver Studios
Top: Stationary Package, 2012
Along with a new website, The Culver Studios’ stationary package was one of the first roll-outs of our extensive studio rebrand. The business cards garnered the most attention, printed on 165# cover stock each card was edge painted with the studio’s branded green.
Communications Strategist: Larianna Evania
Art Director: Isaiah King
Designer: Rina Miele 
Bottom: 2013 Holiday Card
The studio’s 2013 holiday card was inspired by the countdown reel at the start of films, the piece revealed it’s holiday greeting frame by frame. The card consisted of four sheets printed on transparent vellum partially revealing the frames below. The fifth sheet was printed on card stock and housed a quote from the holiday classic It’s A Wonderful Life, filmed on the lot in 1946. 
Communications Strategist: Larianna Evania
Art Director/Designer: Isaiah King
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