Isaiah King Design: 2012/13 Show Reel
Egypt, Mother Feathers, spaceships and Elvis. A selection of video/animation projects from 2012 and 2013.
Title Designer/Animator/Editor: Isaiah King
Music: “Night Crawler” By Thee Oh Sees
IFAW: Cats, Dogs and Us, 2013
Every two years the International Fund for Animal Welfare produces animal education videos for young school children. The videos are produced in over six languages and shown in schools around the world. 
In 2013 the short documentary focused on humans relationships with cats and dogs. We teamed up with IFAW to create animated scenes and titles to augment the video footage. We aimed for the style, color, movement and humor to increase engagement with the young audience. 
Art Director: Isaiah King
Designer/Animator: Dan de Graaf
Illustrator: Anna Francescutti
Producer: IFAW
CLARO, The Feerick Center & Legal Assistance Videos, 2014
In 2013 almost 100,000 consumer debt lawsuits cases were filed in NYC. The majority of the consumers who are sued are minorities or senior citizens. Most are poor and cannot afford to hire a lawyer. This means that they almost invariably enter the legal system woefully uninformed.  
In partnership with New Media Advocacy Project we created a series of modular animations as an educational tool. The user fills out a questionnaire after which a suite of videos is pulled together customized to their situation. They also have the option of watching all 11 videos, which takes them through the entire consumer debt lawsuit process, from receiving a summons to going to court.
Art Director/Designer/ Illustrator: Isaiah King
Additional Illustration: Anna Francescutti
Animator: Kelly Goeller
Sound Designer/Mixer: Dan de Graaf
Producer: New Media Advocacy Project
Isaiah King Design: 2014: Now Is The Future
The theme of our multi-media 2013 client appreciation gift was the future and creative collaboration. The gift took the form of a campy sci-fi movie trailer delivered in some unique packaging – a USB drive embedded in a self-mailing VHS tape.
Art Director/Designer/Animator/Editor: Isaiah King
Music: Dan de Graaf
Actors/Models: Larianna Evania, Christine Renee Miller, Christina Boyle, David Pexton
Amazon Films: The Velvet Elvis Film Title Sequence, 2012
Title sequence design and animation for Jeff Stewart's film about a struggling Elvis impersonator/demon assassin. The title design draws from the typographic and patterned styles popular in Elvis’ later years combined with a dark, atmospheric tone suitable for killing demons. 
Creative Director: Jeff Stewart
Art Director/Designer: Isaiah King
Animator: Mike Burakoff
Producers: Amazon Films, A Different Path Productions
Christine Renee Miller: Baby Cow, 2013
This is the first excerpt of a longer script developed by writer/director Christine Renee Miller based on her childhood in Texas.
Writer/Director: Christine Renee Miller
Art Director/Designer/Illustrator: Isaiah King
Animator/Music/Sound Designer/Mixer: Dan de Graaf
"Take My Breath Away" Written by Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock. Performed by Berlin
Isaiah King Design: 2011 Show Reel
Select video and animation projects from 2011 and earlier.
Title Designer/Animator/ Editor: Isaiah King
Music: “Greyhound Part 1” by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
“The Disembraining Machine” by Michael Dubue
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