A match made in media
New Media Advocacy Project (N-Map) combines legal expertise with communication tools to strengthen human rights and social justice work. A partnership with us was a no-brainer; we are founded on an understanding that well-considered communication solutions can inform and affect positive social change.
Animation & design for a global audience
Our work with N-Map has produced videos for communities across the globe - from disability rights education in the Republic of Georgia to child marriage conversations in Nigeria. Working for audiences facing various human rights challenges across cultures and languages has required a customized and sensitive approach to visual story-telling. 
Prog Rock, Keyframes & Frequency Modulation
Dan de Graaf resurrects sound gear from the past to make music from the future, and he’s certain that prog rock will return to it’s place of pop eminence! When he’s not producing a new record or winning Emmy’s for his animation work, he’s creating human rights shorts with us.
Sorry to gloat - We love this stuff
Title sequences and short animations combine everything we love about visual story-telling: art, design, typography, music and moving images. We get to work with super talented sound designers, composers and voice actors. When all the pieces come together…damn!
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