My role
Creative Direction, Design & Animation
Network: Hulu
Studio: Part2 Pictures
Creative Director: Isaiah King
Design & Animtion: Isaiah King
Producers: Padma Lakshmi, David Shadrack Smith & Sarina Roma
Now with two full seasons and a special holiday 5-part series, Padma Lakshmi has redefined the food television genre with the award-winning series Taste The Nation. Padma travels the United Stated exploring diverse immigrant groups and the foods that play a role in defining their cultures. Padma uses food as an entry point to discuss identity, immigration, history, family and more.
I collaborated closely with the team at Part2 Pictures and Padma Lakshmi to develop the show open and an entire system for titling and handling archival footage. The showcase design solution was sumptuous ingredient sequences that combined beautifully shot food footage with both English and non-English titling.
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