E.T. Phones home (then calls us)
I freakin’ love movies! When I got the call to rebrand a historic Hollywood studio I happily accepted. The studio had fallen into obscurity despite having housed the creation of Citizen Kane, Raging Bull, E.T. and Kill Bill (to name a few). We had 100 years of film history that needed a contemporary fix.
Resurrecting a historic Hollywood gem
I worked directly with studio leadership to evolve and overhaul the brand’s public face. The approach was wholistic - rooted in the knowledge and pride of the staff and with a sharp focus on saving the studio from collapse. While the execs and consultants did their thing, I considered everything from logos to advertisements - from web design to a sign for Mel Brook’s parking spot!
From Citizen Kane to The Matrix
Stars from Hitchcock to Halle Berry have called this place “work” since 1918. With a resume that included Gone with the Wind the studio struggled to appear contemporary and competitive. We needed to create work with a clear strategy; we're rooted in film’s golden age, but we're producing the future.
Busy, noisy, flashy: our job here is done
There are no more silent sound stages! When we packed up shop and sent our brand off into the wild west, it was with Hollywood's biggest producers and a-listers packing the lot. Spielberg and Halle Berry rub shoulders with Marvel super heroes and everyone gets along fine as long as no-one steals Mel Brook’s parking spot ;)
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