Blood red, shiny chrome logo? Rock is not dead.
Collaborating with Silver Tooth Cactus has been creative symbiosis! At home, in private, I draw big-chunky 3D letter-forms. Rarely does the phone ring and someone asks for a shiny, angular, red, 3D logo... but that day finally came. 
Organic digital
With head thrashing and hair flying, Gunnar Olsen rules behind the drum kit. His first solo release blends electronic and analogue sounds. Our album art mirrored his tracks by creating structure, then breaking it down into woven organic forms.

“On a scorching summer day in 2012, …
… [we] joined forces with an artist we barely knew to make our first music video. It turned out to be one of the most exhilarating, satisfying days I've ever experienced, made up of the kind of moments when you're working your ass off, time doesn't exist, and it's perfectly clear you're doing exactly what you should be."
   - Ann Courtney, Mother Feather
Rock, Americana and urban decay
Artist and designer Sonal Chakrasali paints intricate colorful scenes and embroiders flowery skulls on apparel while listening to punk and hard-core. To create the Suitable Victims logo and EP art she drew from biker fashion, amateur tattoos and rural Americana to produce an original look for a well-trodden theme.
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