My role
Creative Direction & Design
Network: Amazon
Studio: Words & Pictures
Creative Directors: Isaiah King, Daniel de Graaf
Design: Isaiah King, Daniel de Graaf, Angelique Georges
Illustration: Anna Francescutti
Animation: Daniel de Graaf, Igor Latukhin, Isaiah King
A hero rises!
Giannis Antetokounmpo did not have a typical rise to NBA fame. Raised poor in Athens, Greece in a Nigerian immigrant family, Giannis brings wisdom and humility to this unique sports biography.

Director Kristen Lappas challenged us to shape a visual narrative rooted in the classic heroes journey, informed by ancient Greek art and imbued with Giannis' life story and Nigerian roots.
Illustrator & designer Anna Francescutti lent here incredible talent to depicting key moments in Giannis' life and Daniel de Graaf brought them to life in dimensional shots inspired by Greek red and black figure pottery.
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